“Do not tiptoe
through your life …”

Manuela Luther

Move Your Life … to Love and Joy

Welcome to Move Your Life!

“Move Your Life” stands for the fact that every change for the better starts with ourselves. Of course – life circumstances can be extremely stressful, but we still have influence on how we want to react to them.

In my blog “Colourful Grey” I write about exactly this and how it can be possible to find the positive in the sometimes grey everyday life. Friends and acquaintances occasionally describe their experiences as guest authors.

In the “Affirmations” section you will find a few examples and “ingredients” for a positive affirmation. So have a look around and if you find inspiration, new courage and feel better, this website has served its purpose 🙂

Move Your Life

Lockdown in the UK

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A guest post by Lynn Meadowcroft, Positivity Pioneer and Licensed Heal Your Life Teacher from Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK: My dear friends, I would love to share with you my own experience of lockdown here in the UK. When, we were told…

Thoughts create our reality

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A guest post by Mathis, 55, married, three grown-up children, musician and music producer, from Berlin, Germany: I am a musician and music producer and have been directly affected by the lockdown measures since March 2020. All concerts had…
Move Your Life

I most worry about my mother

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A guest post by Manuela, 55, married, one adult daughter, employed, from Duisburg, Germany: I got through the first lockdown quite well. I quickly found myself working from home and found the 90-minute daily time gain to be a plus in quality…
Move Your Life

Unlock – strong we are together

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In my work as a trainer and coach, I usually help people to implement their desired life changes, to define goals or to find out together with them what has so far prevented them from following their longing. This year, however, for all of…

Heal Your Life – Move Your Life

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My three men at home are following my new career path “Move Your Life” with great enthusiasm, and they read my blogs every week – almost without me forcing them to! 😉 Yannik, the oldest twin by 30 minutes, has now given me some detailed…


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