“Do not tiptoe
through your life …”

Manuela Luther

Move Your Life … to Love and Joy


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Heal Your Life – Move Your Life

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My three men at home are following my new career path “Move Your Life” with great enthusiasm, and they read my blogs every week – almost without me forcing them to! 😉 Yannik, the oldest twin by 30 minutes, has now given me some detailed…

Telephonic crisis intervention in times of corona

If you feel like you’re in a mental emergency, call me.

You can reach me every day between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. My phone number is
+ 49 160 95 777 590.
This offer is free of charge.

If the mailbox answers, please do not leave a message. Listening to it is beyond my means. I am not answering any text messages either. In this case, please try again at another time.

If you would like a longer-term consultation or a regular exchange, I ask you to book my service – as a telephone therapy session or as “Walk and Talk”.


Due to the corona virus there are currently no shiatsu treatments possible. Workshops are not in planning.


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Manuela Luther: Kay Herschelmann
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