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Thoughts create our reality

A guest post by Mathis, 55, married, three grown-up children, musician and music producer, from Berlin, Germany: I am a musician and music producer and have been directly affected by the lockdown measures since March 2020. All concerts had to be cancelled and my musical activities in the classical field as a conductor were abruptly interrupted. […]

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I most worry about my mother

A guest post by Manuela, 55, married, one adult daughter, employed, from Duisburg, Germany: I got through the first lockdown quite well. I quickly found myself working from home and found the 90-minute daily time gain to be a plus in quality of life. My husband also worked from home. We spent the breaks together […]

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Heal Your Life – Move Your Life

My three men at home are following my new career path “Move Your Life” with great enthusiasm, and they read my blogs every week – almost without me forcing them to! 😉 Yannik, the oldest twin by 30 minutes, has now given me some detailed feedback on all the articles I’ve produced so far, focussing […]