My three men at home are following my new career path “Move Your Life” with great enthusiasm, and they read my blogs every week – almost without me forcing them to! 😉 Yannik, the oldest twin by 30 minutes, has now given me some detailed feedback on all the articles I’ve produced so far, focussing on issues such as topics, analysis and structure, choice of words, humour… The bottom line: wonderful articles … but “Actually nobody knows exactly what it’s all got to do with “Heal Your Life” or “Move Your Life”. Perhaps I could structure the articles some other way, like this:

This is where you say what’s motivating you to write this article and why you hold the opinion you do. What has changed over time, what you do and don’t like etc.

Move My Life
This is where you talk about how you were able to learn from situations, from your life, how you lived your life before and how you’re able to live it today thanks to Louise Hay.

Move Your Life
This is for the key words that could change the lives of your readers too: Move Your Life!

He convinced me and I thought that maybe you feel the same way as Yannik. So today you will hear something about how Louise Hay came into my life, first in book form and later with her training programmes, and why I feel it’s important to give you an understanding of her philosophy.


I was born in 1965 as the youngest of three children, in an age that, in retrospect, we connect with the German economic miracle. Eight years before, my sister, aged only 2½, had died on New Year’s Eve, and my mother had suffered serious depression as a result. My brother, the eldest of my parents’ three children, was already 13 when I was born. So I was the real baby of the family and was very much protected and brought up with many rules. My father worked as a policeman doing shift work, and my mother was a housewife. She looked after us children and did outwork for a knitting shop. The two of them didn’t have a very happy marriage, they drank and argued a lot, they both felt misunderstood by the other, and we children were caught in the middle of it all.

Right from childhood, I had wanted to become a nurse and be involved in healing people. However, after I passed the university entrance exam, contrary to my long-held conviction, I began training in the Berlin administrative service. As my father, uncle and brother had been civil servants all their lives and were well provided for, my family had persuaded me to do the same. However, from the very first day – despite the fact that the money was good for a student – I was not happy with the public administration, the issues and the people. It was only later, almost at the end of my studies, that I was at least partially reconciled to my career choice, when I met my husband in a lecture. Seen from today, he and our children are the only acceptable justification for having taken up a career that I did not want.

I was always on the lookout for alternatives to this career I didn’t love. Six months before being sworn in as a civil servant for life, I resigned. I changed to a commercial role in the private sector (unable at that time to imagine doing a new training course in medicine), continued to improve myself through further study and was promoted to ever more responsible posts. At the same time, the topic of “Medicine” had become my main hobby. Every day, wherever I was, I would read as much as possible about it. In my free time I started to study to become an alternative health practitioner, I worked in a doctor’s practice specialising in drug substitution in the evenings and at weekends, I trained in Shiatsu at a private school for Chinese medicine and, finally, in a hospice, I learnt how the dying can be helped through the last phase of their life. I was always driven by the one desire, to understand more – to understand myself – and to help others.

Move My Life

In the early 90s, I discovered Louise Hay’s “little blue book” in which she describes how negative patterns of thought can foster illnesses, and I learnt to value it greatly. The idea that my body is the manifestation of my thoughts fascinated me. Sayings like “That turns my stomach”, “That gets on my nerves” and “I take that to heart” seem to confirm it too. My enthusiasm for medical topics led me to delve further and further into the realm of the psychosomatic and, in my own often overstressed life, I experienced for myself how effective the work of Louise Hay is. Following her theories, I tried converting the negative thoughts underlying an illness into positive thoughts (you may already have heard of “affirmation”!) and I found that very often it helped me to recover – and not just physically.

It was clear to me that it wasn’t just the content of my thoughts that determined my success but also the intensity with which I believed in that success. I’m sure you know the expression “Belief can move mountains” that is often used in connection with placebos, and so more and more I dedicated myself to that hidden power. In my shiatsu training, I had learnt that there are energy channels – meridians – hidden in the human body as well as blood vessels. These are treated when there is an imbalance – mental, spiritual or physical – that needs to be cured. Some trainees could “see” or feel this energy. I wanted to experience that too and I took several seminars with the healer Otmar Jenner on Spiritual Medicine. These profound experiences moved me greatly and at the latest from this point onwards I shared Hamlet’s view that “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” For me this was the last link in the circle with regard to Louise Hays’ theories.

Her most well known book “You Can Heal Your Life” is based on her experiences of having cancer and how she says she cured it with her own and other alternative methods. I can imagine that, but I don’t believe that it’s for everyone. Whether or not we experience healing, depends on a variety of things and healing processes, and we should not make generalisations. In essence, my thinking is that there are different qualities of life. As Friedrich Wilhelm von Humboldt said “How a person deals with his fate is more important than what his fate is,” and my experience of work and people makes me think he was right.

The English word “heal” is translated simply as heilen in German, but this does not go far enough: “Heal” also means “become whole”, heil in the sense of “complete”. It means that you acknowledge all the constituent parts of your soul, your mind and your body and learn to accept and love them. This is what Louise Hay means when she says: “You can heal your life – be perfect, whole and complete.”

In the hospice, I learnt that people often don’t discard the ballast they carry around until they are facing death, when they let go of being controlled by others, of dogma and manipulation. Then they can find themselves and accept their fate – even if they cannot recover their health. I find this touching and I feel it’s important that we recognise that we can begin this rewarding process of self reconciliation at any time in our lives.

Move Your Life

I have discovered that reading advice manuals, spiritual books and self-help books alone does not make us happy. We can gain important insights – and we need to experience these – if we really want to change our life for the better. Try, stumble, get up, love yourself, try again …

I’ve made it my job to make Louise Hays’ work and my personal experiences known to as many people as possible. I feel it’s important that you realise that you have the power within you, and you can learn to feel less dependent on your circumstances in life. What motivates me is that, for many years, I was myself caught in a hamster wheel of negative beliefs that determined my actions. I made other people responsible when my life didn’t run smoothly or they didn’t behave in the way that I assumed would make me happy. Until I learnt that the only person I can really change is myself … and that opened the door to a happier life for me. Today I acknowledge the good in my life and am eternally grateful for the wonderful people in it and for the largely trouble free life I have. I would like to show you way towards this with

Move Your Life


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    My dearest Manuela I am inspired to speak to you further regarding the Berlin HYL workshop we spoke of doing together. When you first approached me It felt as though Karma jumped in. I see it feel all ready to behold it. There is an energy that awaits us. I believe in this and in us. I love you Manuela Luther…And so it is!!

  2. Manuela Luther
    Manuela Luther says:

    My dear Caroline, yes, I feel the same – there is a vibrating energy, constantly increasing – and so it is! I think this year will be the best one yet and I am sure, our workshop in April will be a highlight of it. Send you a huge hug and thank you for being such an inspiraton <3 xoxo

  3. Manuela Luther
    Manuela Luther says:

    Mike, thank you so much for your feedback. It´s so motivating and I look forward to our coming teamwork!!! All the best, Manuela xx

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