Seminar Programmes

In my experience, two fundamental attitudes keep a person from leading a happy life:

  1. the fear of death
  2. a lack of self-love and limiting beliefs

My seminar programmes help you to gain new perspectives on life, to accept it gratefully und full of joy.

“One need not fear death, but rather a life unlived” (Marc Aurel)

From my own experience I know: although we only can approach death without knowing everything, it is valuable to meet our fear of death. Life is a gift which we want to live fully and joyfully.

With my seminar “Embrace Life” I would like to help you to live at last. … more.

„It’s only a thought, and a thought can be changed“ (Louise Hay)

This is one of the most famous quotes of Louise Hay. Her teaching tells us that our lives can take a turn for the better, if we become aware of limiting beliefs, let them go and approach life with positive expectations.

At the 2-days-workshop “You Can Heal Your Life”, based on the work of Louise Hay, you will learn easy and effective techniques, which help us to identify and change stressful beliefs. … more.

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