Soul Painting

Open Space for the Soul

Soul Painting – Open Space for the Soul

Our intuition is the best guide. Unfortunately, we often don’t listen to it and dutifully work through our appointments – sometimes against our true nature and to the point of exhaustion.

A good way to prevent this is “Soul Painting”. Here your soul can breathe a sigh of relief and begin to make itself understood again through spontaneous, inner pictures:

  • Guided meditations – accompanied by the tambura – help you to relax and connect with your intuition.
  • Feel the wishes of your soul and express them in word and/or colour after the meditation.
  • Bring body, soul and spirit into harmony and discover new possibilities for action that feel easy and right.
Bild einer Tambura mit Blumenstrauß


Sound has been used for centuries in many cultures because of its healing effect and is an essential component of music therapy.

The fine vibrations of the tambura create a carpet of sound that enables the soul, body and spirit to let go and relax deeply. In this state you have the chance to be completely in the present moment and to receive the messages of your soul more easily than in everyday life.

Due to the corona virus, soul paintings can currently only take place in individual sessions – even online.

Soul Painting – 90 min. open space for the soul:

Single Painting:

  • Single lesson: 90,00 €*

Group painting (from 3 persons):

  • Single lesson: 20,00 €*
  • 5-er card: 90,00 €*

*Paper, pencils and colours are included in the price.

Please bring comfortable clothing for optimal relaxation. Blankets and pillows are provided.

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    *MYL provides these services, which are carried out according to the MYL philosophy.

    Bildnachweis: Canvas: Vandathai/, Relaxation: fizkes/, Tambura: Andreas Hale