A guest post by Mathis, 55, married, three grown-up children, musician and music producer, from Berlin, Germany:

I am a musician and music producer and have been directly affected by the lockdown measures since March 2020. All concerts had to be cancelled and my musical activities in the classical field as a conductor were abruptly interrupted. Since then, my choir has no longer been allowed to sing together and my symphony orchestra has had to take repeated breaks. We also had to cancel several planned concerts.

Nevertheless, I had all the more to do in the recording studio. An expansion of my company’s video department developed, as there was suddenly a great need, for example, to broadcast the actual concert activities by video. I am very grateful for the fact that my personal working life has changed a lot as a result, but it has also developed further. On the other hand, I know of many colleagues who were not so well-positioned, who lived more or less exclusively from live concerts, for example. When everything collapsed, some of them could only survive on “Hartz IV”. We all miss the joy of making music together and the opportunity to share this joy with others.

Since I have experienced in my life that our own thoughts directly influence our personal “reality bubble”, I am very aware of how important it is to steer my thoughts in the right direction. For example, if I persist in my fear of existential distress and possible infection by a virus, I will attract into my life the very things that can lead to such reactions.

If, on the other hand, I stay with my inner guidance and focus on the positive things in my life and environment, I continue to stay in the positive flow of my life. This does not mean that I simply ignore all the information that comes at me, but merely that I do not make all the bad things I see in the news, for example, my own thinking. I can be empathetic to the suffering of others at the same time. I can try to understand connections and grievances and still understand my own personal life independently.

So I also have a very unique thesis about why the global Corona event has befallen us:

We all have the global feeling that things cannot go on the way we are living at the moment.

  • Some see the solution in loving cooperation, in living as a human community in harmony with all life on the planet.
  • Others see the right solution in isolation, exclusion, military and police and possibly the reduction of the world’s population.

This is reflected everywhere in a worldwide division of societies.

Against the background that we create all our realities with our thoughts, this means to me that we have all together – although for absolutely contrary motives – consciously or unconsciously initiated a global event, in this case the Corona crisis:

Some in order to show that we have to wake up, that all grievances are coming to light and that global problems can only be solved by working together.
The others to show that the general public is incapable of cooperating and that it is better to use restrictive measures to stifle all ideas of finding common solutions and to monitor and control people even more intensively.

Two diametrically opposed worlds of thought create one and the same global crisis – but what do we make of it?

I continue to resolve to steer my thoughts and actions in the direction of positive living, because I think this can be my contribution to tipping the scales in the direction of a cooperative community. There are already solutions to all our problems – we just have to have the courage to admit and address them together. ūüôā


Header image: Shutterstock.com/Digital Storm
Lyrics from the song “On This Little Island” by
Mathis Richter-Reichhelm and
Kaz Hawkins


Note: Covid-19 justified measures have led to us being locked up at home. Fears are increasing, aggression too. So that the “lockdown” does not also lock up souls, exchange is important. In this blog, people write what is currently moving them.

If you feel inspired to share your feelings and experiences, just write to info@move-yourlife.de, subject: Unlock.

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