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In my work as a trainer and coach, I usually help people to implement their desired life changes, to define goals or to find out together with them what has so far prevented them from following their longing.

This year, however, for all of us it was less about wanted change and more about trying to come to terms with the breakdown of what we had been used to: The events triggered by Covid-19 completely turned everything we held dear upside down. If we had a personal crisis before, we could at least find comfort in the permanence of the world. Now, personal and global crisis often coincide and each of us has to see how to deal with it. I don’t have a patent solution and it seems to me that many people are overwhelmed. Aggression and a lack of understanding have increased – a problem that I think has become particularly evident through the current isolation.
The lockdowns of the world must not become lockdowns of the souls.

There is much less exchange between people than before. If one does telephone, or even sees each other on a walk, the first thing that is done is to find out where the other person stands (politically). Is the friend a bit of an aluhut wearer? A Coronoa denier? A fearful yes-man? With luck, the situation relaxes after a while and the conversation is almost like it used to be.

I worry that the lockdowns all over the world lead to a lockdown of souls, to hostility, inhumanity and mistrust. The term “lockdown”, by the way, originally comes from the (linguistic) everyday life of prisons. It refers to the locking up of prisoners in their cells – usually in order to establish calm during a riot. This is therefore a short-term measure and not to be compared with being locked up in our homes for weeks on end and excluded from our usual togetherness. That this has an effect on our souls is undoubted for me.

Many people are very afraid: of illness, death, undue influence by the state, loss of income, exclusion by society if they express their opinions freely, of being alone, of not finding anyone for life, of losing people – fear of not being heard.

Unlock – strong we are together!

Move Your Life

I don’t think anyone has to go through this alone. Let’s reach out to each other, talk to each other and try to understand each other. Let’s not fall apart as a society and lose what we used to take for granted – humanity. Fear is a bad advisor, it separates us, locks us up even more and sows mistrust among us. This does not have to be.

I would like to revive my blog next year – this time more with your experiences than mine. I am interested in how you get through this time, what you have learned about yourselves, about your fellow human beings, what is good for you and how you see your future. Do you want to do something different than before?

Write me an email with your thoughts, if you feel addressed: Or we can arrange a telephone appointment and do an interview. Your perspective can be a comfort and inspiration to others.

I believe that the world can be a loving place if we talk to each other, keep in touch and look out for each other. In community we have a chance to survive. After all, the Neanderthals did not hunt the mammoth alone …

Move Your Life … to Love and Joy!

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