Walk and Talk

Conversation Session in Nature

Walk and Talk

“Walk and Talk” is actually known from the business world. These are meetings that are not held in an office, but during a walk. Solutions to problems are often much easier to find because:

  • walking releases tension in your body, mind and soul and frees you for new ideas.
  • the gentle sounds of nature, the feeling of the wind, the variety of colours and the smell of the forest floor literally lead to the grounding of body, mind and soul. Problems that were unsolvable so far seem to become smaller if we experience ourselves as part of the Universe.

A “Walk and Talk” is also ideal for a healing conversation. Detached from the therapist’s couch, answers to previously tormented questions sometimes come naturally.

Shall we try it out together?

My preferred places for “Walk and Talk” are centrally located in Berlin and easy to reach:

  • the Charlottenburg Palace Park
  • the Volkspark Rehberge (Wedding)

Appointments and meeting points will be arranged individually. Please use the contact form on this page.

“Walk and Talk” – Move Your Body, Soul and Mind:

  • Single appointment: 60,- €/60 min
  • 5-er card: 275,- €/5 x 60 min

Please make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

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    Picture Credits: green leaves: allstars/Shutterstock.com, Forest: Dudarev Mikhail, Shutterstock.com