Workshop based on the bestseller of Louise Hay

„You can Heal your Life“

As children, we learned what we should think from our parents and other authority figures. As adults, we have a tendency to reproduce those emotional circumstances – even if they don´t make us happy.

  • “Life is hard.”
  • “Money does not buy happiness.”
  • “I never get what I really want.”
  • “Love hurts.”
  • “If others knew me better, they would not like me.”

You don´t have to think in that way …

Discover the beliefs that have been preventing you from having loving relationships, success in your career  and personal growth.

The following topics are dealt with:

  • points of philosophy; understanding affirmations
  • discovering limiting beliefs
  • Inner Child work
  • work with anger, shame and fear as the cause of blockades
  • self-love as a starting point to experience love

We are working

  • on soul, body mind
  • on our own, with partner, in groups, with music, sound and guided meditations

This original 2-day-workshop based on the program of Louise Hay can be your beginning of a happier life.

Its effect is • liberating • life-changing • positive.


WOW! I recently participated in one of Manuelas workshops. Amazing insight. Manuela has a gentle and confident energy and radiates warmth. She leads her workshop from the heart. A must workshop to clear blocks and realise full potential. Highly recommended.

Unnötig zu sagen, dass dein Workshop wundervoll war. Frieden und Ruhe waren allzeit spürbar. Danke!

This workshop is for 2 days, also bookable at your premises.
Individual priorities are possible.

Your Investment:

  • Willingness to let go the past,
  • Openness for a new concept of life,
  • Desire to live a self-determined life,
  • 295,- €/p.p. (incl. beverages during breaks, biscuits and seminar materials)*


I look forward to meeting you.

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